Suggested Links


National Rifle Association

If you are a gun owner, you need to belong to the National Rifle Association. Join now and become a guardian of your Second Amendment rights.


Connecticut DESPP Special Licensing and Firearms Unit: Forms, regulations, FAQ's, etc.

Connecticut Judicial Law Library: Links to State gun laws, model jury instructions, etc.


Firearms Records Bureau: Forms, Massachusetts regulations, private transfers, etc.

Gun Owner's Action League: The Massachusetts affiliate of the NRA. Regulations, legislative alerts, etc.



Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services: Apply for a Florida concealed weapon permit online.


Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, Firearms Unit: Forms, reciprocity info, renewals, etc.

Best Online Resources Current information on all states including a list of states that honor your licenses and information about non-resident license applications. The best online resource for planning travel and checking state-by-state regulations. Includes an excellent tool to build a map of states that honor your licenses. Print the map including lists of where you are and are not legal to carry a handgun.