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Firearm License and Concealed Carry Courses

A variety of firearm license courses are available to suit your needs. Regularly scheduled group courses are the best value, but private courses are available.

CT-MA Pistol Permit Course - The Massachusetts Pistol License Course includes live fire, and qualifies you to apply for a Connecticut pistol permit, a Massachusetts FID or LTC, a Florida concealed weapon permit, etc. A Florida license is honored by approximately 30 states. The curriculum was written by our associate Instructor Robert McDermott. 

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course – This course is unique to Utah, and qualifies you to apply for their Concealed Firearm Permit which is honored by approximately 30 states (many in common with the Florida license). Utah permit fees are very reasonable, and renewals can be completed online. 

Multi-License Firearm Course – This unique course is our compilation of the Massachusetts Pistol License Course and the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course. Since the firearm operation and fundamentals of our Massachusetts course meets and exceeds the corresponding section of the Utah curriculum, we are able to combine the courses in a day long presentation that qualifies you to apply for several licenses including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Utah, etc.  Through reciprocity this could allow you to carry a handgun in up to 39 states! 

Concealed Carry I - This course is intended to be the next level for individuals who have completed a licensing course, received their home state license, purchased their own handgun and holster, and desire to carry a handgun for personal protection. The course includes a classroom session covering principles of concealment, mental preparation, techniques for avoiding confrontation, optional non-lethal alternatives, etc. Hands-on drills include drawing from a holster, reloading, clearing stoppages and a variety of live fire exercises. A few Massachusetts Police Chiefs require completion of such courses to qualify for an unrestricted resident LTC, and the course is also suitable for residents of other states.

NRA Courses – NRA Basic Pistol is a benchmark course for licensing in many states including Connecticut and Florida. When conducted by a Massachusetts Certified Instructor it meet requirements to apply for an FID or LTC. The course includes live fire. 

The NRA Home Firearm Safety Course is a classroom-only course that meets requirements to apply for a Massachusetts FID or LTC. It's a family friendly course that teaches safe and responsible firearm ownership.

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Instructor and RSO Courses

We offer NRA Certified Instructor Courses in several disciplines, plus NRA Range Safety Officer courses for individuals and gun clubs. Onsite courses are available for host clubs.

Instructor Courses  – Instructor courses generally take 2-3 days, and candidates are required to take the course they wish to instruct before attending the Instructor course. All Instructor courses consist of prequalification, Basic Instructor Training, plus discipline specific training. Available Instructor courses include Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, Basic Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Chief Range Safety Officer, etc. The NRA requires at least 4 candidates in order to offer a course.

Range Safety Officer Course - This is not an Instructor level course, and is conducted by a Chief Range Safety Officer. We encourage all gun clubs to have a staff of Range Safety Officers to supervise range operations and enforce range SOP's. This course can be conducted at host gun clubs

Inquiries - Please contact John Oswecki if your gun club would like to host an NRA Instructor or RSO course.